Redesign: Core Loop
One of the first things I noticed was a lack of a solid core loop, which is essential in managing currency sinks and driving engagement in a game (specifically a free-to-play game). I suggested some additional currencies and a simpler system of earning and spending.
The core is centered around the 3 main features of the game:
STYLE - players style a model based on a theme and their personal tastes
COMPETE: Players challenge others to show off their styling in a specific theme.
VOTE - Players view others' styles and vote on them to provide ratings.

In the existing game, players weren't spending much time voting on others' styles, and therefore ratings didn't seem to matter, which was something the developer wanted to improve, so I suggested a simple "gating currency" such as tickets that can be earned by voting. This encourages players to vote and rate in order to enter their styles into competitions, which, as you can see above, is the main way to earn currencies that players desire.
Redesign: Flows & Wireframes
After spending some time exploring the existing game and meeting with the developer(s), I provided the team with an updated design that improved areas that I noticed were hard to understand, as well as adding some known retention improving features.
Press Play on the Google Slides presentation below to view it.
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