We decided on a retro 8-bit style for the app, and I designed and created all of the user interface in this style. Featured above is the main menu, where rollers track their progress through each "Realm", where they roll 10 frames of Skee-Ball® and record their score details.
The gallery above features examples of some of the Realms I created in an 8-bit, isometric style. As players roll each frame, they'll enter their score, which appears on each sign as they progress through the Realm.
This gallery shows some examples of the UI style across various screens throughout the app. Players can view their personal stats, check the leaderboard, get specific stats on other rollers, and get information about bonus points and how to achieve them.
We created some characters to provide story context, and provide instruction. Featured above are Bango and Bingo, the White Buffalo Warriors, introducing each Realm, showing players how to roll for special bonuses, and providing scoring error messages.
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