Star Wars: Commander
Commander is the longest running Star Wars mobile game, with over 1 million daily active users at its peak, and over 100 million dollars in lifetime revenue, and still going! 
In September, 2014 I took over as Lead Designer for the recently launched cross-platform mobile title. My main task was to plan and execute a product roadmap for the active game, in order to keep players engaged. I spent the next 2 years leading a team of designers in developing new features, content and combat tuning updates to keep the game fresh, and relevant to the current Star Wars universe, as told through the feature films.
Narrative, Content & Characters
I worked closely with the LucasFilm games production and story teams to develop story, characters, structures, ships, vehicles and other content that fit into the Star Wars timeline.
One feature that led the design and development of was "Planets", in which we extended gameplay, allowing players to move their bases to 5 different canonical planets in the Star Wars galaxy. Each planet unlocked new troops, vehicles, and ships for players to use in their campaign and PvP combat.
Tiny Death Star
Quite possibly my favorite game that I worked on, Tiny Death Star was a cross-pollination of the early mobile hit, Tiny Tower and the Star Wars Galaxy. I came on as Lead Designer to this game shortly before its launch, and oversaw content creation, the product roadmap, as well as the first time user experience.
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