After the success of Netflix's interactive collaboration with Black Mirror's "Bandersnatch", the company has invested heavily in building out a broader library of interactive shows and films, particularly animation. Battle Kitty takes the choice-based viewing to a new level, thus the need for a UX specialist to help with the design of the interactive side of the show.
While I cannot post any of the work I did until after the show comes out, I can talk a bit out what I did and some of my process. When the show comes out, you can find it on Netflix by clicking the button below.
Like many interactive shows, Battle Kitty relies heavily on branching narrative and unlocking mechanisms, which required many wireframes and UX flows to plan and design, as well as custom UI design.
A huge challenge in developing the interaction for Battle Kitty was visualizing the experience, which was difficult to do using the standard tools Netflix Interactive provided. This prompted me to build a JavaScript based prototype, that essentially mimicked the behavior of the Netflix platform, but with the added interactive functionality that Battle Kitty required. The prototype was entirely data-driven, so we could consistently iterate on the show segments and change the branching and interaction often, until it felt right. It also allowed us to do some internal play testing and usability testing.
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